fragmentbuffer programming, games, graphics, etc.

A Career in Game Development

Slides of a talk I gave on behalf of BAFTA for the UK's 2022 National Careers Week, in association with Into Film Northern Ireland. The talk was broadcast to schools in Northern Ireland, and gave schoolchildren there a glimpse into the range of careers available in game development. —(PDF)

A Junior Coder Survival Guide

Slides of a talk I just gave at the inaugural Galway Games Gathering, a new two-day gamedev conference in Galway, Ireland. Aimed at hopeful students and nascent junior coders, this talk is a mix of advice on how to get a job, and a heads-up on some common issues faced by juniors as they find their way. — (PDF)

It's good to talk! Communication for Coders

Slides from a talk I gave at State of Play 2017, standing in for Brenda Romero. The topic was communication for coders, giving advice to programmers on how to not be That Coder that nobody wants to deal with, with examples from personal experience on how more communication is always a good thing. — (PDF)

Being a Programmer in the Games Industry

A talk I gave to game development undergrads in the University of Limerick in November 2016. Covers some general advice on how to approach getting a job in the games industry as a programmer; how to apply, and what to expect. — (PDF)

Multithreading for Gamedev Students

The slides of another talk I gave in Trinity College Dublin in August 2015. This one gives an intro to the basics of programming for multicore processors, covering the aspects that most apply to developing game engines. — (PDF)

Know Your Architecture: Performance Programming for Gamedev Students

A talk given to the M.Sc. IET course in Trinity College Dublin in July 2014. Covers a selection of topics that are important for programming high-performance games, with an extended references section for further reading. — (PDF)

Lighting the Open World of New York Zero for Prototype 2

A brief overview of the volumetric ambient lighting system used for Prototype 2. Accepted to Siggraph 2012’s Talks session but cancelled at the last minute due to Radical Entertainent’s closure. — (PDF)

Fire, Blood, Explosions: Prototype 2’s Over-the-Top Effects Tech

A feature article in Game Developer Magazine’s April 2012 issue detailing the systems and tech used to implement the particle effects of Prototype 2. Also available to read on Gamasutra. — (PDF)

A Scalable and Reconfigurable Shared-Memory Graphics Architecture

A Siggraph 2006 sketch outlining the design of a scalable FPGA-based rendering cluster on which I worked in collaboration with TCD's Computer Architecture Group as part of my PhD. — (PDF)

Geopostors: A Real-Time Geometry / Impostor Crowd Rendering System

A paper published at the Siggraph 2005 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) describing the work done at the Image Synthesis Group on rendering large-scale (10,000+) crowds in real-time. — (PDF)

3D Visualisation of Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Data

Description of a simple GPU-accelerated volume rendering system for visualising the data collected by confocal flourescent microscopes. Presented at Eurographics Ireland 2004. — (PDF)

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